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Activities on grammar topics

Learn 4 peculiar things about the town of Pozzuoli. This activity contains: a video, 2 exercises on vocabulary (related to earth phenomena, war, city transportation, food) and 2 grammar tests (verbs with a reflexive and a non-reflexive form, passive sentences with essere and venire). [Level: B1-B2; Skill: Vocabulary, Grammar]

Let's learn to talk about winter and summer clothes, menswear and womenswear. This activity contains: 2 exercises on vocabulary related to clothing. 2 exercises on grammar (Present tense of verbs we use with clothing; the plural of nouns) [Level: A1-A2; Skill: Vocabulary, Grammar]

What's the helping verb we use for the verbs salire and finire ? Essere or Avere ? Or Both ? This activity contains: a video and 1 grammar exercise on the passato prossimo tense of the verbs finire and salire. [Level: A1-A2; Skill: Grammar]

What's the difference between "Ci penso" and "Ci penso io"? The pronoun "io" can completely change the meaning of this sentence. This activity contains: a vocabulary list and an exercise on the use of these expressions. [Level: A1-A2; Skill: Vocabulary, Grammar]