Easy Italian (Beginner level)

If you’re approaching Italian for the first time, this book is exactly what you need. It contains more than 55 dialogues and short stories with detailed explanations of key words and expressions, grammar rules with lots of examples and more than 260 exercises with solutions to practice what you’re learning. You’ll also be able to use a self-evaluation system so that you’ll know at the end of each lesson, if you need to go back and review it or if you’re ready to move on to the next step. Half way through this course and then again at the end of it, a test will allow you to check your level and make sure that you’ve achieved the results you were aiming for. The best way to learn a foreign language though is to be exposed to it as much as you can and it is very important to listen to mother-tongue people speak. For this reason, all the dialogues and the vocabulary lists that you’ll find in this book are available online for free. Listening (and repeating) over and over again is the easiest way to expand your vocabulary and learn the correct pronunciation of Italian words. You will practically “absorb” the language, just like a sponge, and you’ll be able to use words and expressions in the moment you’ll need them. So this book can be a useful reference guide that you can always carry with you and the online audio and video material will give you the possibility to be immersed in the language whenever you want. 

What I’ll find in the book

More than 55 dialogues and short stories

Detailed notes on key words and expressions

Vocabulary lists

Easy grammar explanations with lots of examples

More than 260 exercises with solutions and a self evaluation system

Comprehension tests and review tests

What I’ll learn

Reading and Pronouncing Italian
Lesson 1: Greetings
Lesson 2: More Greetings
Lesson 3: Introducing Yourself
Lesson 4: What do you do for a living ?
Lesson 5: In The Classroom
Lesson 6: Where are you from ?
Lesson 7: Grocery Shopping
Lesson 8: Family
Lesson 9: Daily Habits
Lesson 10: Going Out
Lesson 11: On Vacation
Lesson 12: Review
Lesson 13: Staying Healthy
Lesson 14: Looking For An Apartment
Lesson 15: Old Photos
Lesson 16: Free Time And Hobbies
Lesson 17: Needs And Desires
Lesson 18: Food And Drinks
Lesson 19: Permission, Possibility And Ability
Lesson 20: New In Town
Lesson 21: Books And Magazines
Lesson 22: One Last Effort

Where can I find the book ?

eBook & Paperback

If you choose the eBook format, download the Kindle app for free on any portable device or computer and you’ll automatically find it there after your purchase.

You can order the paperback version on Amazon, although it might not be available for delivery in some countries. In that case, try to order it from your local bookstore.


Download the Kobo books app for free on any portable device or computer and once you’ve purchased the book, you’ll automatically find it there. You can also export the book into other reading apps.

Download the Apple books app for free on your iPad, iPhone or computer to purchase this book.

You can purchase the book from Smashwords and then read it on any of your devices. Learn how.


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