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Learn the different meanings of the word apposta.

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Whether you’re still following your Italian courses or you’ve finished them, you can practice what you learn with these interactive exercises. Choose from a variety of topics, skills and levels.
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Follow the adventures of Luigi and his crazy friend Paolo to expand your vocabulary in a fun way.
In the series Pillole di Italiano, you will find videos, explanations, vocabulary lists, examples and exercises to acquire new words and expressions and use them just like native speakers do.

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Language learning consists of receptive and productive skills such as reading and understanding a text, listening and understanding spoken language, writing and speaking. The activities you’ll find in the catalog are meant to develop all of these skills in a fun way.
You’ll find video, audio, texts, games, vlogs, interactive exercises, a wide variety of activities so that learning can be an entertaining experience and you won’t get bored. I’ll also cover different topics so that learning Italian can be stimulating to students with different interests (such as sports, music, technology, travels, books and so on).