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How do you become FLUENT IN ITALIAN? By listening, listening, listening, thus absorbing the language naturally and effortlessly. Your fluency is the goal of this podcast, but what sets it apart? All of its episodes are organized into big categories which go from Italian culture, society, geography, history, cinema, music, television, and food to more general subjects such as science, technology, philosophy, literature, linguistics, etc. You can choose the topics that genuinely interest you or pique your curiosity. With diverse categories to explore, you’ll really expand your vocabulary and you’ll never get bored. Having fun while keeping your brain curious is essential for language learning!

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Listen to these two episodes to check the transcript and the exercises for free

Episodio 1: La mia passione per le lingue

Frequently Asked Questions

What are flashcards ?

A flashcard is a card intended to be used to memorize vocabulary. Each card bears a word or a sentence on one side and its translation on the other side. So let’s say you want to memorize the word for flower in Italian. The card will show you the word flower. You will have to remember that the word for flower in Italian is fiore.
When you use a flashcard application for smartphone or tablet, if you get your answer wrong, the application will show you that same card more often; if you remember the word correctly, instead, the card will appear less often during your study sessions. This very effective learning technique is based on a principle called Spaced Repetition.

Which flashcard apps can I use ?

There is a wide range of flashcard apps you can use on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Most of them are free and allow you to import flashcards through a file, usually in a csv or txt format. If you become an Italianglot basic learner you will receive ready-to-use flashcards for every Podcast episode that you can import directly into your favorite app and that you can even edit as you wish. You can use these or any other application compatible with your device. Visit their website to learn how to import the flashcard file:

Flashcards by nko

If you have any more questions, send me a message.