About me

My name is Carmine and I was born in Naples, Italy. Since I was a little child, I’ve always had a special love for foreign languages. One year I even asked for an English course consisting of books and audiotapes as a Christmas present instead of the usual toys. My parents bought it for me: it was just the beginning. I bought many more courses after that and I became fluent in English, French, Spanish and Modern Greek. In the past couple of years, I’ve also been studying German, Swedish, Portuguese and I’ve recently started Croatian.
I’ve also always loved teaching and that’s why I decided to become a certified English teacher and I learned all about teaching methods and techniques.
A few years ago I was asked to plan some lessons for Italian learners and that’s when I came up with the idea of designing an entire course for different levels. So I started a YouTube channel, wrote some textbooks and the project keeps growing thanks to you !

You can find me here ⤵