Most of the learning material I produce is free (videos, dialogues, podcast episodes and so on) and I always try helping my students whenever I can, but I couldn’t continue with this project without your support.
So if you become a member on Patreon, not only would you be getting a lot more learning resources, but you’d be giving me a huge help in producing them for you.

What are the benefits of becoming a member ?


For €5 per month you’ll get:

Save 16% if you pay annually

  • A full transcript of all the Fluent in Italian podcast episodes;
  • A vocabulary list with a definition in Italian and an English translation of the key words and expressions used in each episode.


For €10 per month you’ll get:

Save 16% if you pay annually

  • A worksheet with exercises and grammar explanations for all the Fluent in Italian podcast episodes;
  • A flashcard file (in .cvs and .xls format) with the most important words/sentences (English to Italian) that you found in each Fluent in Italian Podcast episode and that you can import into your flashcard app to memorize new vocabulary and sentence structure;
  • A full transcription, vocabulary and exercises of the Simple Stories series (videos with short and simple stories for beginner and elementary students);
  • All the previous benefits of a Self learner.


For €15 per month you’ll get:

Save 16% if you pay annually

  • Unlimited access to ALL my online courses (from A1 to B1) and my help on the different topics of the courses if you have any questions or doubts;
  • Unlimited access to all the activities published on the Practice page that will allow you to improve your oral and written comprehension and to practice grammar and vocabulary. These activities include transcripts and exercises from the series Canzoni in italiano, Poesie in italiano and Scopriamo l’Italia.
  • Interaction with other students and your teacher in a private Telegram Chat group where you can exchange texts, audio messages, links, images and even take part in video calls. My sister Barbara will also be there to talk with you and help you improve your Italian.
  • All the previous benefits of a Basic learner


For €25 per month you’ll get:

Save 16% if you pay annually

  • Unlimited access to online activities that will help you improve your written productive skills and consequently your ability to express yourself in Italian. I’ll assign you different topics to write about and you’ll get your individual corrections. I’ll also give you explanations on the most relevant mistakes.
  • All the previous benefits of an Active learner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patreon ?

Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for a creator to handle your payments and deliver your benefits to you. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. Here is a video explaining what Patreon is.

How will I receive my benefits ?

You can unlock the content you’re interested in on this website by clicking on the Unlock with Patreon button (or by clicking either on the Become a member or the Choose this plan button on this page). You’ll be redirected to the Patreon page. You will be prompted to login with (or create) your Patreon account. After choosing and activating your membership level, you’ll be redirected to this page again and you’ll be able to receive your benefits.
In case you activated your membership directly on Patreon, you’ll need to click on the Unlock with Patreon button anyway (and sometimes also when you visit this site again after a while). You won’t go through the same procedure all over again, but you’ll simply be required to log into Patreon before being redirected to your unlocked content. As long as you’re a member, you’ll be always able to receive your benefits.

When will I be charged ?

Once you activate your subscription, you’ll be able to access all the content related to your membership level. Patreon will charge you immediately and then again on the 1st of the following month. Make sure that your payment goes through or you won’t be able to receive your benefits.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want ?

You can cancel at any time and you won’t be charged anymore. As soon as you delete your pledge, you will lose access to your patron only content.

Am I allowed to use the material on this site to teach Italian in schools or language courses ?

Please do ! And let me know how it goes.