Easy Italian Course: Elementary level

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Unità 1: Favole

Talking about how things used to be in the past

Unità 3: Com’è il tempo oggi ?

Talking about the weather

Unità 4: Vestiti

Talking about clothes and deciding what to wear

Unità 6: Scienza e tecnologia

Talking about different scientific and technological fields

Unità 8: Comunicazione

Talking about different ways to communicate and share information

Unità 10: Revisione

Review what you’ve learned so far and check your progress

Unità 11: Salute

Talking about health issues and a healthy lifestyle

Unità 12: Professioni

Talking about jobs and professions

Unità 13: In cucina

Following a recipe and cooking at home

Unità 14: Facciamo un giro

Giving and receiving directions

Unità 15: Il regno animale

Talking about our animal friends

Unità 16: Un ultimo sforzo

Review what you’ve learned and check your progress