10 errori

10 mistakes

Attività: 📘 Vocabolario – 🛠 Grammatica
Livello: A1-A2

🇮🇹 Vediamo 10 errori tra quelli più comuni che fanno gli studenti quando imparano l’italiano.

🇬🇧 Let’s take a look at 10 of the most common mistakes students make when learning Italian.


📌 1 esercizio sugli errori più comuni commessi dagli studenti di italiano


4 thoughts on “25: 10 errori”

  1. I purchased the e-book through amazon about a year ago and have bee using it and the videos that we access through the book. we went to start a new lesson today (12-7-20) and see the video has been removed by the uploader. they were great! could you please tell me how to access videos that correspond with the ebook so we can continue her studies ? thank you, liane Miller

    1. Hello, Liane. First of all, thanks so much for purchasing my book and studying Italian with my courses. The videos I removed from YouTube were not actually the videos that go with the book. I had shot them long before I wrote the books, so they generally followed the program of each course, but they didn’t correspond exactly to the lessons in the books. There are videos with just audio on YouTube that fit perfectly the content of the books and the same audio lessons can be downloaded from bandcamp too. This is where you can find all the links:


      Also, as you may have noticed, I’m also uplading online courses which contain extra lessons and activities not cointained in the books. You can find them in the same page. I try to add new content every day:


      1. Thank you so much for your quick reply!

        and thank you for the links to the corresponding audio for the book.

        mostly, thank you for your passion and pursuit to help the rest of us with our dreams of learning another language.

        can’t wait to get to the next level books with your program.

        blessings and hope you have a wonderful Christmas

        1. Thanks so much, Liane ! Your words mean so much to me, because I really put a lot of work into what I do and it makes me happy when my students appreciate it. I’m glad you like my books and my courses. Have a wonderful Christmas too !

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