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4 thoughts on “A1 – 23 – Riviste (en)”

  1. Ciao Carmine,

    This sentence: “Potete fare 20 minuti di corsa ogni mattina appena alzati e poi bere un frullato di frutta”
    First there is written “Potete” and then “alzati”. I would have used “alzavi”, both plurar.
    So both is possible?

    Ciao, Corinne

    1. Ciao Corinne, in this case “appena alzati” is a short version of the sentence “appena vi siete alzati”. After “appena” we can leave out the verb “essere” or “avere” and just use the past participle (in this case “alzati”). We can’t use “alzavi” (that’s the imperfetto tense which is used for habits, continuous actions, and so on). We can’t use it because the action of getting up “alzarsi” is something you do in just one go, you don’t repeat it, but it happens instantaneously and then it’s over (so we use the passato prossimo tense: vi siete alzati).
      After “appena” we can say for example: “appena arrivati a casa” (=appena siamo arrivati a casa…), “appena comprato il pane” (=appena hai comprato il pane…), “appena finito di lavorare” (=appena ho finito di lavorare…), and so on. I hope it’s clear. 😉

      A presto,


  2. Ciao Carmine,

    Thank you for the clear answer.
    By reading the sentence again I can’t understand why I was so confused yesterday. My idea, was very strange…
    I read it again and again yesterday, but didn’t understand it. My brain has too many new things to remember, I guess.
    I already have 2 notebooks full of notes and an empty pen.

    But you told me a lot of new info today, so that’s great.


    1. Ciao Corinne, I’m very happy my answer was clear and that it was helpful. I know that sometimes it’s overwhelming to get so much information. Just remember that what seems confusing now will slowly and gradually become clear with practice and repetition. 🙂

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